Photo: Christian Ove Carlsson

Discussion Meeting 2017

Commwell Borupgaard, Snekkersten. 21 - 23 June 2017

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Plenary Lectures Session - 1 General activities and some major projects (Georgios M. Kontogeorgis) 

  • Overview of Experimental Activities at CERE (Nicolas von Solms)
  • Demonstration of the CAPCO2 software (Philip Fosbøl)
  • Overview of the COMPPLEX (2013-2017) and NextOil projects (2013-2016) (Wei Yan)
  • Overview of Thermodynamic Projects (Georgios M. Kontogeorgis)

Plenary Lectures Session - 2 Projects close to completion - NextOil

  • Modeling of HPHT fluids  (Farhad Varzandeh)
  • Solubility of FeS, ZnS, and PbS from 40 to 200 °C (Diana Carolina Figueroa Murcia)
  • Experimental study of HPHT fluids (Teresa Regueira)

  • Temperature effects on stiffness moduli of reservoir sandstone from the deep North Sea  (Tobias Orlander)

Plenary Lectures Session - 3 Projects close to completion - CHIGP/Compplex (Kaj Thomsen)

  • Modeling of asphaltene systems using the CPA and PC-SAFT models (Alay Arya)
  • A CPA-equation of state for electrolyte mixtures (Anders Schlaikjer)
  • New formulations for multiphase flash (Duncan Paterson)

  • Phase behavior in shale reservoirs with capillary pressure and adsorption effects
    Diego Sandoval)

Plenary Lectures Session - 4 CCS and OPTION (Alexander Shapiro)

  • CERE CO2 Capture and Gas Hydrate Activities (Nicolas von Solms)
  • Overview of the OPTION project (2012-2018) (Erling H. Stenby)
  • Industrial Presentation (Miranda Mooijer, Shell, The Netherlands)
  • Poster Session (Award for the Best Poster; Evaluation Committee: Selected members of CERE consortium and 1 external academic)

Plenary Lectures Session - 5 OPTION and more (John Bagterp Jørgensen)

  • Optimal control and production optimization (John Bagterp Jørgensen)
  • Long-range Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for High-Quality Magnetic Surveing - an Innovation Fond Denmark project: New exploration possibilities for the mineral exploration industry (Arne Døssing Andreasen)
  • How can computational fluid dynamics improve reservoir simulations and completion strategies? (Casper Schytte Hemmingsen)
  • Industrial Presentation by Monzurul Alam, Schlumberger, United Kingdom 
    3D mechanical earth modelling and its application of reservoir pressure modelling 

Plenary Lectures Session - 6 Theoretical Developments (Xiaodong Liang)

  • On the density gradient theory in the surface tension calculations: theory, algorithms and applications (Xiaodong Liang)
  • Calculation of multiphase chemical equilibrium with non-stoichiometric methods (Christos Tsanas)
  • Simultaneous representation of phase equilibrium and critical properties with equations of state (Andre Vinhal)

Plenary Lectures Session - 7 Applications ( Nicolas von Solms)  

  • Two-phase flows in porous medium accounting for separating surface: extension onto 3D (Alexander Shapiro)
  • Sulfur corrosion mechanisms (Henrik Lund Nielsen)
  • CFD simulation of reservoir processes with black oil PVT description (Igor Nesterov)
  • Enzyme-enhanced CO2 capture – from lab to pilot scale (Arne Gladis)
  • Field scale recovery curve based workflow for dual porosity reservoirs (Justin Brand)

Poster Session (Award for the Best Poster; Evaluation Committee: Selected members of CERE consortium and 1 external academic)

Tobias Ritschel: Dynamic optimization of UV flash processes
Steen Hørsholt: Production optimization using Eclipse and Matlab
Lasse Hjuler Christiansen: A least squares method for efficient and reliable short-term versus long-term optimization
Casper Schytte Hemmingsen: Understanding of reservoir-well interaction
Xiaoyan Liu: Interactions between Kraka core plug sample and model oil in salt soultions
Yingjun Cai: Lithium battery with ionic liquid as electrolyte
Liang Mu: Hydrate thermal dissociation behavior and dissociation enthalpies in methane-carbon dioxide swapping process
Liang Mu: Phase equilibrium of DME systems with relevance to enhanced oil recovery
Arne Gladis: Evaluation of an alternative desorption process without reboiler for carbonic anhydrase enhanced MDEA
Francois Kruger: Uncertainty analysis and evaluation of Cubic-Plus-Association parameterization
Susana Almeida: Gas permeation and solubility measurements and modelling for polymer pipelines in offshore applications
Christos Tsanas: Phase Equilibrium Modeling for the DME Enhanced Water-flooding
Xianglei Meng: Thermodynamic properties of ionic liquid/CO2 systems: Highly efficient conversion of CO2 at mild conditions
Amin Abouardini and Casper Mølby Berg: A Feasibility Study of Hydrocarbon Gas Injection in Skjold Field
Eirin Limos Abrahamsen: Experimental Investigation of Structure II Hydrate Kinetic Inhibition
Li Sun: Modeling CO2 semi-clathrate hydrate related systems: literature review and database (from KTconsortium meeting)
Mauro Torli: The SYNFERON project (from KTconsortium meeting)
Edgar Vergara: Inhomogeneous fluid behavior: density function theory approaches (from KTconsortium meeting)
Anders Schlaikjer: Development of CPA for electrolyte mixtures (from KTconsortium meeting)
Alay Arya: Recent developments of CPA for flow assurance (from KTconsortium meeting)
Mirhossein Taheriotaghsara: Smart Water – a wettability modifier in chalk?
Jiasheng Hao: Investigation of fluid-rock interactions for SmartWater in carbonate reservoirs
Georgios Aloupis: Comparison of two association models for water-glycol-hydrocarbons
Niklas Bennedsen: Evaluation of theories for the prediction of interfacial tension and contact angles in polymer-related solid surfaces

Member Round Table in Plenum 

  • This year’s Discussion Meeting so far and what’s next
  • Evaluation of the 2017 Discussion Meeting – suggestions for changes
  • Questionnaire for CERE member companies
  • New industrial collaborations – future perspectives – next year’s Discussion Meeting
  • Priority topics and new developments (short/medium term)
  • Long term perspectives and future plans

Plenary Lectures Session - 8 New Directions I (Philip L. Fosbøl)

  • 20 years with CPA: What’s easy, what’s not, what’s next (Georgios M. Kontogeorgis)
  • Jens Honore Walther – invited academic talk
  • Thermodynamics of biofuel production (Mauro Torli)
  • Inhomogeneous fluid behavior: density function theory approaches (Edgar Vergara)
  • Thermodynamic and process challenges in subsea gas processing (Francois Kruger)

Plenary Lectures Session - 9 New Directions II (Georgios M. Kontogeorgis) 

  • Effect of Fines Particle Size on Emulsion Formation (Muhammad Waseem Arshad)
  • Controls on chalk stiffness in the Danish Central Graben (Leonardo Teixeira Pinto Meireles)
  • Modeling CO2 semi-clathrate hydrate related systems – Phase I: fluid phase equilibria (Li Sun)
  • Feasibility of geothermal energy extraction from medium depth Danish limestone aquifers (Laura Paci)
  • Future Perspectives and Closing Remarks (Georgios M. Kontogeorgis)