Thomas Guldborg petersen. Photo: DTU-Basen

Thomas Guldborg Petersen new Faculty in CERE

Thursday 14 Sep 17


Thomas Guldborg Petersen
Assistant Professor
DTU Civil Engineering
+45 45 25 21 06
We are very pleased to welcome Assistant Professor Thomas Guldborg Petersen from DTU Civil Engineering as a new faculty member in CERE.

Thomas has a broad background in the oil and gas industry where he started his career working as a consultant in the field of borehole image log interpretation and borehole stability evaluation.

His PhD thesis focusses on the large scale impact on distribution of sediments in the high arctic during the continental break-up between Norway and Greenland 55 million years ago.Prior to joining DTU, Thomas was in the New Ventures team in Maersk Oil, where he worked with screening the oil and gas potential of Central Asia.

Thomas enjoys putting his wide, geological skill set to use when integrating diverse data types, ranging from the smallest, microscopic scale, to regional or even global processes. Research interests include understanding the driving forces behind the distribution and quality of reservoirs in the subsurface, concerning both oil and gas, but also geothermal energy.

Most recently, Thomas participated a pilot study on the Lower Cretaceous reservoir succession, which may hold significant potential for further oil and gas exploitation. This reservoir is characterized by significant heterogeneities which require an understanding of the paleobathymetry of the basin.

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