CERE Discussion Meeting 2015. Photo: Christian Ove Carlsson

Discussion Meeting 2015

Program for CERE Discussion Meeting 17-19 June 2015 Download as Pdf

Comwell Borupgaard, Snekkersten, Denmark



Plenary Lectures Session – 1 (Georgios M. Kontogeorgis)

  • A New Oil and Gas Center (Erling H. Stenby)
  • EOR & HP/HT Activities (Erling H. Stenby/Alexander Shapiro/Wei Yan)
  • Industrial Presentation I : Phase Behavior challenges in reservoir simulation (ExxonMobil, Kjetil Haugen/Bret Beckner)

Parallel Session 1: Thermodynamics – Generic Models (Xiaodong Liang)

  • Reservoir Fluid Characterization: Status and Possible Developments (Wei Yan)
  • On the PC-SAFT Equation of State (Xiaodong Liang)
  • Modeling of Asphaltene Onset Conditions using the CPA EoS (Alay Arya)
  • Phase Equilibrium Modelling of Heavy Oil/Steam/Solvent Related Systems (Duncan Paterson)
  • Parameterization and Evaluation of the Electrolyte CPA Equation of State (Anders Schlaikjer)
  • Modeling Multicomponent Adsorption Equilibria for Polar and Associating Mixtures (Igor Nesterov/Alexander Shapiro)
  • Thermodynamic Modeling of Ammonium and Magnesium Phosphates using the Extended UNIQUAC model (Kaj Thomsen)

Parallel Session 2: EOR and HP/HT Activities (Alexander Shapiro)

  • Investigation of Spore Forming Bacteria Flooding for Enhanced Oil Recovery in North Sea Chalk Reservoir (Amalia Halim)
  • Modeling of the Smart Water Flooding (Artem Alexeev)
  • Penetration and Flooding Experiments with Enzymes for Enhanced Oil Recovery (Alsu Khusainova)
  • Importance of Fines in Smart Water Enhanced Oil Recovery (SmW-EOR) (Krishna Hara Chakravarty)
  • Density and Phase Equilibria of Binary Hydrocarbon Mixtures under High Pressures (Teresa Regueira)
  • Risk Associated with the Decompression of HP/HT Fluids - Study on Black Oil (Diana Carolina Figueroa Murcia)
  • Application of Non-Cubic EoS in PVT Calculation and and and Thermal Properties of HP/HT Reservoir Fluids (Farhad Varzandeh)

Plenary Lectures Session – 2 (Georgios M. Kontogeorgis)

  • CERE CO2 Capture Activities (Kaj Thomsen)
  • Overview of Gas Hydrate Activities (Nicolas von Solms)
  • Industrial Presentation (Jan Flensted Poulsen, Union Engineering)
  • Overview of activities: Borehole Geophysics and Rock Mechanics (Ida Lykke Fabricius)
  • Reservoir Models without Biases (Klaus Mosegaard)
  • Application of Potential Field Geophysical Data (Arne Døssing)
  • Industrial Presentation III: Petrophysical Insights from NMR (Niels Christian Onno Van Gilse, DONG Energy)

Parallel Session 3: Gas Hydrates and CO2 Capture (Nicolas von Solms)

  • Kinetic Gas Hydrate Inhibition - Antifreeze Proteins and Surface Effects (Christine Malmos Perfeldt)
  • Hydrate Equilibrium Data for CO2+N2 System with the use of Pressure Reduction Chemicals (promoters)(Fragkiskos Tzirakis)
  • Modeling of CO2 using CPA and quadrupolar CPA: Uncertainties and Phase equilibria (Martin Gamel Bjørner)
  • Predictive Modeling of Gas Diffusion and Solubility in Polymers for Offshore Application (Susana Almeida)
  • Enzyme Enhanced CO2 Capture (Arne Gladis)

Parallel Session 4: Geology/Geophysics (Ida Fabricius)

  •  Strength Anisotropy of High-Porosity Stevns Chalk (Katrine Alling Andreassen)
  • The Joint Effect of Pore-Space Properties on Fluid Saturation, and Elastic Velocities under Mud-Filtrate Invasion (Morten Kanne Sørensen)
  • NMR Surface Relaxivity Studies of Quarry and Reservoir Rocks (Konstantina Katika)
  • Thermal Conductivity of Sedimentary Rocks as Function of Biot’s Coefficient (Tobias Orlander)
  • Thermal Properties of Gassum Formation and Recovery Efficiency for Thermal Energy Storage (Lisa Pasquinelli)

Poster Session

  •  A New Variant of the Model Universal Constants in the PC-SAFT EOS (Xiaodong Liang)
  • Modeling of Asphaltene Precipitation using the CPA EoS (Alay Arya)
  • Parameterization and Evaluation of the Electrolyte CPA Equation of State (Anders Schlaikjer)
  • A Predictive Approach to Use for the CPA Equation of State (Tobias Anker Hansen)
  • Simultaneous Chemical and Physical Equilibrium (Christos Tsanas)
  • Sensitivity Analysis and Comparison of Critical Properties Correlations for Petroleum Fractions (Farhad Varzandeh)
  • Comparison of GERG-2008 and Soave-BWR in modeling of pure, binary and natural gas mixtures (Farhad Varzandeh)
  • High-latitude Geomagnetic Secular Variation and Paleointensity During 6-0.5 Ma: Paleomagnetic Results from Eastern Iceland (Arne Døssing)
  • Hydrate Equilibrium Data for CO2+N2 System with the use of Pressure Reduction Chemicals (promoters)(Fragkiskos Tzirakis)
  • Experimental Uncertainties of Hydrate Equilibrium Data (Fragkiskos Tzirakis)
  • Uncertainties in the Parameter of Advanced Equations of State (Martin Gamel Bjørner)
  • Evaluation and Improvement of Wet Gas Venturi-Meter Correlation (Martin Gamel Bjørner)
  • Water Weakening Effects: Elasticity of Reservoir Chalk with Partial Fluid Saturation (Tobias Benjamin Gram)
  • Multi Objective PDE Constrained Optimization for Oil Reservoir Management (Lasse Hjuler Christiansen)
  • Simulation of Oil Reservoirs (Steen Hørsholt)
  • High-Performance Computing for PDE Constrained Optimization in Oil Reservoirs Management  (Tobias Kaspar Skovborg Ritschel)
  • Multi-Physics Coupling of Darcy/Navier-Stokes Models for Reservoir Simulation (Nathan Quadrio)
  • Methane Production and Carbon Capture by Hydrate Swapping (Liang Mu)
  • Quantitative X-ray Powder Diffraction (XRPD) Analyses of Clay Mineral Containing Rocks (Louise Josefine Belmonte)
  • SmartWater Flooding of North Sea Chalk and Greensand (Ioannis Xiarchos)
  • Advantages and Inconveniences Emphasis of using Soave-Redlich-Kwong and Cubic-Plus-Association Equation of States for the Modelling of {C02 + ethyl ester} systems (Edouard Moine)
  • Application of an Association Equation of State in Compositional Reservoir Simulation (Andre Pinto)
  • QCM-D Study of Crude Oil on Silica and Calcite Surfaces (Xiaoyan Liu, Wei Yan, Erling H. Stenby)
  • Experimental Study of Emulsions in the Brine-Oil-Enzyme Systems Involving the Solid Fines (Jakub Benicek)
  • Enzyme Enhanced CO2 Capture (Arne Gladis)
  • Predictive Modeling of Gas Diffusion and Solubility in Polymers for Offshore Application (Susana Almeida)
  • Gas Permeation of Mixtures in Polymers (Amin Abouardini, Casper Mølby Berg)
  • The Effect of Antiagglomerants on Hydrate Formation in Real Systems (Vegard Aarsheim)
  • Comparison of permeability prediction from core and NMR logging data (Daniel Jonas)

Plenary Lectures Session – 3: “Simulation Session” (John Bagterp Jørgensen)

  • Scientific Computing and Oil Reservoir Management - Overview (John Bagterp Jørgensen)
  • 09:30-09:50 Production Optimization in the OPTION Project (John Bagterp Jørgensen)
  • 09:50-10:10 Physics-based Model Order Reduction for Large-scale Reservoir Models (Hani Akbari)
  • 10:40-11:00 Overview of Research in Reservoir Simulation Techniques  (Allan Ensig-Karup, and Stefan Lemvig Glimberg)
  • 11:00-11:20 Rate-Based Simulation and Optimization of Precipitating Piperazine CO2 Capture Process (Jozsef Gazpar)
  • 11.20-11:40 Phase Equilibrium in Confined Spaces (Diego Sandoval)
  • 11:40-12:00 Future Perspectives and Closing Remarks (Georgios M. Kontogeorgis)