The multicomponent adsorption software (MAPS) is a stand-alone software for evaluation of the binary adsorption on the basis of the single-component adsorption data, based on the multicomponent potential theory of adsorption (MPTA).

The software makes it possible to adjust the surface potentials, in order to match the available adsorption data for individual components; to predict binary adsorption for a mixture of these components; and, finally, to compare the binary adsorption results with the available sets of experimental data under different pressures and temperatures.

The surface potentials may be pre-defined or adjusted on the basis of the available experimental data.

The properties of the mixtures are described either by the standard cubic equation of state (SRK), or an equation of state involving association of the components (CPA).


Alexander Shapiro
Associate Professor
DTU Chemical Engineering
+45 45 25 28 81