An experimental and teoretical study of CO2 hydrate formation systems

Gas hydrates ‒ particularly those containing CO2 ‒ compose a problem in the petroleum industry, but they can also become of great importance as they form the basis for a new technology that concerns CO2 capture from flue gases (hydrate crystallisation).

The project aims to close the gap of experimental and theoretical knowledge on CO2 hydrates concentrating mainly on promoters.

To achieve this objective, two research groups, one from DTU and one from the École des Mines (France), are going to work on closely, developing a new theory for the thermodynamic treatment of CO2 hydrates (DTU) as well as producing new experimental data (France) for enhancing hydrate formation.

More specifically, the project core is the execution of experiments on gas hydrate-formation systems e.g. for mixtures of CO2 + N2 + H2O+promoter. This work will be conducted in collaboration with the Laboratory of Thermodynamics of the Center for Energy and Processes in Paris School of Mines (École des Mines de Paris), where the experimental work is expected to be implemented. The results obtained will be then modeled using an extension of van der Waals-Platteeuw´s theory along with an association model for fluid phases in DTU.

Supervisor: Prof. Georgios Kontogeorgis,

Co-supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Nicolas von Solms,


Georgios Kontogeorgis
DTU Chemical Engineering
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Nicolas von Solms
Associate Professor
DTU Chemical Engineering
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