Green Tools in Oil Recovery

A large scale Danish research program, BioRec, investigates how microbes and enzymes may be utilized to enhance oil recovery and prevent corrosion and formation of gas hydrates during exploration.
As the world’s oil and gas resources are getting scarcer, novel methods for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) are in high demand. The BioRec program (Biotechnology in Oil Recovery) is focussed on both Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) and enzymatic enhanced oil recovery while also looking into innovative use of biotechnology in relation to prevention of corrosion and gas hydrate formation.

Partners to the BioRec program are CERE, the Danish Institute of Technology (DTI), the world’s leading enzyme producer, Novozymes, and two Danish energy corporations, Maersk Oil and DONG Energy. Overall coordinator is Professor Erling H. Stenby.

The BioRec consists of three work packages. The package on microbial and enzymatic oil recovery is coordinated by Associate Professor Alexander Shapiro, CERE, while the package on inhibition of gas hydrate formation by antifreeze proteins is coordinated by Associate Professor Nicolas von Solms, CERE, and the package on prevention of microbial induced corrosion by DTI.

The program is scheduled to run from 2011-2015. Funding is provided by the Danish Advanced Technology Foundation and by the industry partners.


Head of project: Prof. Erling H.Stenby,

WP leader: Assoc. Prof. Nicolas von Solms,

WP leader: Assoc. Prof. Alexander Shapiro,

Post Doc, Project Manager: Sidsel Nielsen,

Post Doc: Geoffrey Marchal,

Post Doc: Nagu Daraboina,

Phd student: Alsu Khusainova,

Phd student: Amalia Halim,

Phd student: Christine Malmos,



Alexander Shapiro
Associate Professor
DTU Chemical Engineering
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Erling Halfdan Stenby
Head of Department, Professor
DTU Chemistry
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Nicolas von Solms
Associate Professor
DTU Chemical Engineering
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