The project deals with accuracy of thermodynamic models, and reliability and efficiency of phase equilibrium calculation algorithm in compositional reservoir simulations where complex phase equilibrium is present. The project has two current focuses, one on application of advanced thermodynamic models for reservoir simulation with multiphase equilibrium, and the other on efficient algorithms for multiphase compositional reservoir simulation. The scope of the project covers complex reservoir processes, such as production of heavy oil with steam and solvent, enhanced oil recovery with CO2, and development of liquid rich shale (LRS) reservoirs. All these processes involve multiphase equilibrium, which adds challenges to reservoir simulations in terms of phase equilibrium description and calculation. We plan to investigate how different thermodynamic descriptions will influence the simulation results and how important it is to employ a more accurate thermodynamic model for the complex multiphase equilibrium. Different thermodynamic models will be tested with special focus on some advanced thermodynamic models which are believed to give better description for multiphase equilibrium. We also plan to improve the computational efficiency for reservoir simulations with rigorous description of multiphase equilibrium, where the time used in phase equilibrium calculation is expected to increase dramatically, especially in its stability analysis part. It will be investigated how to bypass stability analysis in the above mentioned multiphase equilibrium scenarios in an efficient and reliable manner. For LRS, a particular issue regarding the influence of capillary pressure on phase equilibrium will be evaluated.

The project is currently sponsored by ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips. Its scope can be expanded under the same theme on composition simulation involving complex phase equilibrium, provided that there are additional funding and/or sponsors.

Head of project: Prof. Erling H.Stenby,

Senior Researcher: Wei Yan,

Prof.. Emeritus: Michael L. Michelsen,

PhD student: Diego Sandoval,

PhD student: Duncan Paterson,


Erling Halfdan Stenby
Head of Department, Professor
DTU Chemistry
+45 45 25 20 12


Wei Yan
Senior Researcher
DTU Chemistry