Smart Water Flooding

Water flooding is a standard method used by oil companies all over the world in order to extract extra oil from mature fields. The CERE program “SmartWater” aims to improve the theoretical understanding of the detailed mechanisms involved in water flooding. Further, the program will suggest possible ways to improve recovery rates in the Danish part of the North Sea.
The program is inspired by findings in the Middle East, where injection of sweet water instead of the standard salt water proved to increase yields in sand reservoirs. This suggests that by modifying salinity and possibly other features of the injected water, one can improve recovery rates. However, such modifications cannot be assumed to work universally, rather should they be tailor-made for the given geological structure.

SmartWater is focussed at two types of sedimentary rocks in the Danish part of the North Sea, chalk and greensand. Samples of both types of rocks will be analysed in advanced flooding equipment at CERE. Samples will be provided by Maersk Oil and DONG Energy, while sample saturation will be provided by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS).

Coordinator is Professor Ida L. Fabricius, CERE.

The program is planned for 2011-2015. Industrial partners are Maersk Oil and DONG Energy. Funding is provided by the industry partners, by the Danish EUDP program (a program for development and demonstration of energy technology) under the Danish Energy Agency and by the Danish research councils.

Head of project: Prof. Erling H.Stenby,

WP leader, Project coordinator: Prof. Ida Fabricius,

WP leader: Assoc. Prof. Kaj Thomsen,

WP Leader: Assoc. Prof. Alexander Shapiro,

WP leader: Ass. Prof. Philip Loldrup Fosbøl,

Post Doc: Monzurul Alam,

Post Doc: Ioannis Xiarchos,

PhD student: Krishna Hara Chakravarty,

PhD student: Artem Alexeev,

PhD student: Konstantina Katika,


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