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17:45 – 18:35 Carbon Capture and Storage Research at DTU CERE
E.H. Stenby, P.L. Fosbøl

CCS has been an active research topic for more the 15 years at CERE.

The Centre has been engaged in international research collaboration on capture, conditioning, transport, corrosion, aquifer storage, and EOR.

During this work advanced experimental facilities, including laboratory pilots of capture and reservoir conditions phase behavior and flooding equipment.

A significant effort has been made within modelling and simulation of the various steps from capture to storage. Software from the centre has been used internationally, e.g. at Test Centre Mongstad in Norway.

18:35 – 19:00 Control Room Assistant
C.M. Myllerup

Multilevel Flow Modelling technology is getting a hold in the upstream E&P business with a Control Room Assistant developed by Kairos Technology in a collaboration with Total E&P Denmark, DTU Electro and the Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Center / DTU Oil & Gas.

The software helps control room operators to quickly identify the root cause of alarms on the process control system, helping them to quickly decide the correct actions to avoid production losses.

The technology has a wide area of applications that will reduce cost, increase production efficiency and improve safety in the E&P business.


  • Professor Erling H. Stenby is the Head of the Chemistry Department at the DTU. He was a Director for CERE during twenty years (from 1994). He has an experience in research management of the large projects related to petroleum production, and a long experience in the research in enhanced oil recovery, as well as carbon capture, utilization and storage.
  • Philip Fosbøl is Associate professor at DTU Chemical Engineering. He is currently managing 5 larger CCS and CCU/PtX projects and several smaller industrial collaborations, at a highly applied level of technology development. He has been involved with CO2 research the last 16 years (since 2004) and has been involved with larger Danish and international CCS flagships. This include the CESAR project, the 3D project, and more recently, the Danish CCS flagship in collaboration with the waste incineration plant ARC, Copenhagen. All projects include collaboration with national and international engineering companies, larger energy companies, gas transmission companies and SMEs. Philip Fosbøl has +60 publications and is currently supervising 11 researches (PhD, Postdocs).  The last years Philip Fosbøl has been active in the public debate on CCS and he is often being invited by ministries to discuss CCS, in a Danish context.
  • Claus Marner Myllerup holds a PhD in mechanical engineering and is CTO of Kairos and is Chairman of the Marine Science and Technology Business and Industrial Advisory Board at Newcastle University. He has extensive industry experience after nearly 20 years with ØDS and LR as energy technology director and was director of commercialization and strategy at the DHRTC before he transferred to Kairos to commercialize and further develop the MFM technology.


Thu 29 Oct 20
17:45 - 19:00


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