Discussion Meeting 2018

Plenary Lectures Session - 1 (Georgios M. Kontogeorgis)

  • The Gas Hydrate Project 2007-2017 (Nicolas von Solms)
  • Overview of the OPTION project - towards completion (Erling H. Stenby)
  • Spectral Element Methods for Wave Propagation and Wave-Body Modelling (Allan Peter-Engsig-Karup)
  • Petrography and stratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous succession (Thomas G. Petersen, new faculty in CERE)
  • Industrial Presentation by TOTAL

Parallel Session 1: Thermodynamics - CHIGP and more (Xiaodong Liang)

  • The Subsea factory-measurements and modelling for remote process design (Francois Kruger)
  • Use of natural variables to solve state function based flash problems (Duncan Paterson)
  • Adsorption and interfacial tension of inhomogeneous fluids with classical density functional theory approaches (Edgar Vergara)
  • Application of the cross-over approach with cubic and CPA equations of state (Andre Vinhal)
  • A review of the asphaltene work (Alay Arya)
  • Renormalization Group Theory in Phase Equilibria Modelling: Applications with Cubic Equations of State (Gabriel Moraes Silva)

Parallel Session 2: Simulation and Optimization-I (John Bagterp Jørgensen, Wei Yan)

  • Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of UV Flash Processes (Tobias Kasper Skovborg Ritchel)
  • A Least Squares Method for Ensemble-based Multi-objective Oil Production Optimization (Lasse Hjuler Christiansen)
  • Phase envelope in the presence of capillary pressure calculated using volume-based thermodynamics (Diego Sandoval)
  • Application of non-stoichiometric CPE algorithms to geochemical multiphase reactions (Christos Tsanas)
  • Multiphase coupling of reservoir simulator and computational fluid dynamics (Casper Schytte Hemmingsen)
  • Use of (T,V) variables to rapidly and robustly solve isothermal flash problems for dynamic simulation (Duncan Paterson)

Plenary Lectures Session - 2 (Alexander Shapiro)

  • Overview of the EOR projects (Alexander Shapiro)
  • (Hans Horikx, DHRTC)
  • Solving large-scale computational problems in geoscience: Is many parameters the fundamental challenge? (Klaus Mosegaard, Niels Bohr, Copenhagen University)
  • Industrial Presentation by Welltec: Risk management in field development (Mette Lind Fürstnow)

Parallel Session 3: Petroleum Applications (Alexander Shapiro, Ida Fabricius)

  • Temperature effects on the effective stress field in the deep North Sea Basin (Tobias Orlander)
  • Elastic moduli, stiffness and effective stress of chalk from Zealand and from Dan field (North Sea) (Laura Paci)
  • Extended PVT study of high pressure-high temperature reservoir fluids including the reverse Joule-Thomson effect (Teresa Regueira Muniz)
  • Effects of Ion Adsorption on Smart Waterflooding (Jiasheng Hao)
  • Experimental study of high pressure density and viscosity of asymmetric mixtures related to reservoir fluids (Yiqun Liu)

Parallel Session 4: Ionic liquids and more (Philip Fosbøl, Kaj Thomsen)

  • The SULCOR project-Corrosion measurements (Henrik Lund Nielsen)
  • Thermodynamic Modeling of Dissociation Conditions of Semi-clathrate Hydrates of Tetra-n-butyl Ammonium Halides Using Electrolyte CPA Equation of State (Li Sun)
  • Properties of new ionic liquid-based electrolytes for lithium batteries (Yingjun Cai)
  • Ionic Liquids as Green Solvents (Xianglei Meng)
  • The Water Bridging Program -  Status, Plans and Some recent results (Nikolaj Blom)

Parallel Session 5: SYNFERON project (Georgios M. Kontogeorgis/Ioannis Skiadas)

  • WP1: The biomass gasifier for syngas production (Niels Bjarne K. Rasmussen)
  • WP2: Syngas biomethanation by mixed microbial consortia in anaerobic trickle bed reactors (Konstantinos Asimakopoulos)
    WP2: Mixed microbial cultures for syngas fermentation to ethanol and methane (Antonio Grimalt Alemany)
    WP2: Analysis of microbial mixed cultures, (incl. both organismal composition and mapping of functional genes), seen in perspective of their metabolic potential (Lene Lange)
  • WP3: Advanced Downstream Processing Systems (Jens Abildskov)
  • WP4: Simulation of energy consumption in bio-product recovery from syngas fermentation (Mauro Torli)

Parallel Session 6: DHRTC collaborations (Alexander Shapiro, Ida Fabricius)

  • Software for Industrial Scale Oil Production Optimization (Steen Hørsholt)
  • Failure characterization in geomechanical testing using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy (Leonardo Teixeira Pinto Meireles)
  • Gas Injection project and Phase behavior in porous media (Wei Yan)
  • Smart Waterflooding under Reservoir Conditions (Mirhossein Taheriogtaghsara)
  • Mobilizing oil with nanoparticles (Muhammad Waseem Arshad)
  • Experimental setup for FeCO3 scaling rate determination (Petter Lomsøy)
  • Forward modeling of compaction and consolidation of sedimentary rocks (Ivanka Bekkevold)

Parallel Session 7 ICAS and CERE software Workshop (Xiaodong Liang, Alay Arya and Nipun Garg)

  • Introduction and overview of ICAS (Xiaodong)
  • Pure component properties and models: Database Manager and ProPred (Alay)
  • ProCAMD (Computer Aided Molecular Design) / VPPD Lab (Spardha/Alay)
  • SolventPro (Solvent Selection and Design Framework) (Xiaodong)
  • Super-O: Superstructure Optimization & SustainPro, LCSoft (Nipun)
  • ThermoSystem: CPA in simulators (Alay)
  • Scale-CERE: Extended-UNIQUAC applications (Kaj)
  • CPA and PC-SAFT in MATLAB (Xiaodong)

Joint CERE and KT-Consortium Poster Session

CERE Posters (three awards - votes by CERE industrial members)

  • Edgar Vergara: Adsorption and interfacial tension of inhomogeneous fluids with classical density functional theory approaches*
  • Francois Kruger: The Subsea factory-measurements and modelling for remote process design
  • Xianglei Meng: Ionic Liquids as Green Solvents*
  • Jiahuan Tong: Mesoscale modelling of ionic liquids*
  • Athanasios Antonios Varsos: Thermodynamics of petroleum fluids relevant to subsea processing
  • Andre Vinhal: Application of the cross-over approach with cubic and CPA equations of state*
  • Kai Kang: Estimation of Thermodynamic Derivative Properties of N-decane with P-xylene, M-xylene and O-xylene Binary Mixtures Using PC-SAFT and CPA EoS*
  • Li Sun: Thermodynamic Modeling of Dissociation Conditions of Semi-clathrate Hydrates of Tetra-n-butyl Ammonium Halides Using Electrolyte CPA Equation of State*
  • Asma Rafsanjani: Comparison of cross-over theories for the prediction of critical point of hydrocarbons*

Oil & Gas - Petroleum Applications, CO2-related applications

  • NN1 (FTP): Modelling challenges in hydrate swapping processes
  • NN2 (FTP): Molecular scale experiments of hydrate swapping processes
  • Meng Shi: Methane production and hydrate swapping
  • Einar Madsen Storebø: Organic rich chalk from the Shephela basin
  • Amirali Rezzazadeh: Simulation and optimization of amine-based CO2 capture
  • Randi Neerup: BioCO2 - A CERE project on biogas upgrading
  • Mick Kolster: UAV based geophysics applied to UXO detection and mineral exploration
  • Wael Almasri: Gas Liberation in Low Permeable Reservoirs
  • Casper Schytte Hemmingsen: Completion evaluation with computational fluid dynamics
  • Samira Mohammadkhani: Smart waterflooding with bicarbonates
  • Allan + Casper/Carsten + students: 1-4 posters from OPTION project and about numerical models - advanced simulation Carsten Volker

KT-Consortium Posters (one award - votes by KT-Consortium members) (posters marked with * also participate in the CERE poster award competition)

  • Marin Due Olsen: Thermodynamic modeling of the solubility of pharmaceuticals with the PC-SAFT EOS*
  • Kasper Kofod Boss: Cross-association combining rules in the PC-SAFT EOS*
  • Xinyan Liu: Property Modeling of Ionic Liquids for Gas Separation Processes*
  • Spardha V. Jhamb: Substitution from Chemical-based Products*
  • Yuqiu Chen: Integrated Ionic Liquid and Process Design involving Hybrid Separation Schemes
  • Olivia Ana Perederic: Systematic methods and tools for lipids process technology*
  • Nipun Garg: A multi scale and multi-level computer aided approach for Process Intensification
  • Saeed Eini: Multi-objective optimization of an LNG process
  • Alay Arya: Recent application of CPA for flow assurance (asphaltenes)*
  • Hongliang Qian: Exergy efficiency based design and analysis of utilization pathways of biomasses

Plenary Lectures Session - 3: Joint CERE and KT-Consortium Session (Georgios M. Kontogeorgis)

  • CERE & KT-Consortium: Two centers, two consortia but much in common (Georgios M. Kontogeorgis)
  • Software in CERE and Software in KT-Consortium (ICAS) - A short introduction (Alay Arya, Xiaodong Liang, Nipun Garg)
  • Experimental activities in CERE (Nicolas von Solms, Wei Yan and Ida Fabricius)
  • Thermodynamics, simulation, control, optimization, and scientific computing (John Bagterp Jørgensen)
  • The need for property prediction and thermodynamic data for biological conversions  (John Woodley)
  • Invited lecture by professor John O'Connell: Analysis of chemical process systems with explicit accounting for entropy generation
  • Industrial presentation by a CERE member company (BP/Dr. Nikos Diamantonis) Physical properties in different stages of process development

Possibility to attend the following joint KT-Consortium & CERE program Chair: Xiaodong Liang

  • Invited lecture by Dr. Ioannis Tsivintzelis: Phase Equilibria for biodiesel-related compounds with CPA
  • PhD student Olivia Ana Perederic. Phase equilibria modelling applied to design and analysis of a lipids related process
  • Assistant Professor Xiaodong Liang: On the PT Flash calculations
  • PhD student Spardha V. Jhamb. A General Methodology for Chemical Substitution
  • Guest PhD student Saeed Eini. Inherently safer design of chemical processes