Young Researcher's Day 2021 in action

The talent flows in DHRTC's network

Tuesday 18 May 21

On Friday 7 May, more than 90 participants zoomed in to join Young Researcher’s Day 2021. Although the event was online, it did not stop the young researchers’ talent from shining through the screens.

At the event, all young researchers – Master students, PhD’s, Postdocs and Research Assistants – in the DHRTC partnership are invited to present their research and preliminary results. This year’s event was no different, albeit the corona restrictions prevented a physical meeting.

The researchers each had 2 minutes to pitch their “poster” in very few sentences, to peak the rest of the audience’s attention and willingness to learn more. Then followed a round of discussion rooms, where they could elaborate their research and answer questions from the enthusiastic audience.

“We have continued to be impressed with the enthusiasm and engagement shown by the young researchers”, says Hamid Nick, Senior Researcher and head of the YRD organizing team at DHRTC.

At the end of the event, the winners of the Best Poster competition was announced:

  • Mads Lorentzen, GEUS
  • Johannes Liljenhjerte, Aarhus University
  • Isaac Appelqvist Løge, DTU Chemical Engineering
  • Luigi Caglio, DTU Civil Engineering

The event returns in 2022. Stay tuned on this page for more information to come.


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