Optimizing Oil Production by Novel Technology Integration (OPTION)

A new Joint Industry Project OPTION combines reservoir modeling, chemical engineering, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and uncertainty estimates. The ambition is to create a new class of practical tools for predicting and performing optimal control of the flow between the horizontal wells and the reservoir. To achieve this, we will strive to bring three worlds together: The physical presence in the oil well and the two numerical realities of the km3 reservoir and the m3 well.

Although there is a general awareness in the industry of well design and productivity there is a gap when it comes to the integration of the different models. Integration and optimization of these models will be performed in the four work packages (WP):

WP1: Well flow modeling covering the flow of fluids from the well to the surface.

WP2: Reservoir-to-well connectivity modeling to achieve efficient and physically correct simulations of the in-and-out flow of the well despite the large differences in scales and physics.

WP3: Uncertainty analysis of reservoir models should be developed based on a consistent, probabilistic approach to geophysical/geostatistical inversion and flow data analysis.

WP4: Integration models of reservoir, well, and facilities operation is needed in reservoir management for the overall optimization of the production. This WP integrates the results from the other three WPs and adds the control and optimization of oil production value and risk management.

Professor Erling H. Stenby is responsible for coordinating the DTU part of the project and represents DTU in the OPTION steering committee. The project is supported by a close to 2.0 million EUR grant from the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation. Industry partners are Welltec and Lloyd’s Register Energy, including Senergy that is now a part of the Lloyds Register Group. The total budget for OPTION is 4.0 million EUR. The program is scheduled to run from 2014-2018.


Head of project: Prof. Erling H.Stenby, ehst@kemi.dtu.dk

WP leader: Assoc. Prof. John Bagterp Jørgensen, jbj@imm.dtu.dk

WP leader: Assoc. Prof Alan Ensig-Karup, apek@dtu.dk

WP leader: Assoc. Prof.Jens H. Walther, jhwa@mek.dtu.dk

WP leader: Prof. Klaus Mosegaard

Post Doc: Andrea Capolei, acap@imm.dtu.dk

Post Doc: Knud Skou Cordua, kcor@dtu.dk

Post Doc: Andrea Zunino, anzu@space.dtu.dk

Post Doc: Hani Akbari, hanak@dtu.dk


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