Synferon. Photo: Christian Ove Carlsson


SYNFERON focuses on advancing the existent knowledge and state-of-the-art for the syngas fermentation and downstream processing of the liquids products.

SYNFERON consists of four interrelated workpackages,

  • WP1: Biomass Gasification
  • WP2: MIcrobial fermentation of syngas.
  • WP3: Concentrating and separation for liquid alcohols.
  • WP4: Engineering analysis of proposed platform


Project start: July 1, 2015

Head of project: Prof. Georgios Kontogeorgis,

WP1 leader: PhD, Niels Bjarne Kampp Rasmussen,

WP2 leader: Prof. Ioannis Skiadas,

WP3 leader: Assoc. Prof. Jens Abildskov,

WP4 Leader: Assoc. Prof. Philip Loldrup Fosbøl,


Georgios Kontogeorgis
DTU Chemical Engineering
+4545 25 28 59


Jens Abildskov
Associate professor
DTU Chemical Engineering
+4545 25 29 05


Ioannis V. Skiadas
Associate Professor
DTU Chemical Engineering
+4545 25 27 29


Philip Loldrup Fosbøl
Associate Professor
DTU Chemical Engineering
+4545 25 28 68


Niels Bjarne K. Rasmussen
MSc., PhD
+4521 47 17 52