Nicolas von Solms. Photo: Christian Ove Carlsson

CERE Discussion Meeting 2017

Dawn of a New Diversity

CERE is going through a transition with its traditional field, oil and gas related research, being supplemented strongly by a range of new projects in geothermal energy, biofuels, water, chemical, and pharmaceutical industry.

Hunting for minerals with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones, is an entirely new activity for CERE. This prompts the projects’ coordinator, Senior Researcher Arne Døssing, to introduce himself as “a black sheep in CERE”.

Besides raising smiles from the audience, the expression has some truth in it, as for several years the bulk of research in the center has evolved around oil and gas. However, the CERE Discussion meeting 2017 shows that Arne Døssing’s drone project is by no means the only new frontier opening.

“The large oil-related CERE projects funded by Danish companies and Danish foundations have run out or are about to be completed. We will continue to be involved in a number of oil and gas related projects through our close cooperation with the Danish Hydrocarbon Research & Technology Center, but as the Discussion meeting clearly demonstrates, we have successfully managed to create a more diverse and flexible profile for CERE,” says Professor Georgios Kontogeorgis, Chairman of CERE.

“The core of CERE faculty involved remains the same, and while classical areas of research such as thermodynamics and Enhanced Oil Recovery are still highly active, a range of new projects have emerged.”

One large such project is the SYNFERON project focused on new pathways for utilization of biogas. Other projects target production of high quality CO2 for industrial purposes, capture and storage of CO2, geothermal energy production and storage, and processes in the water, chemical and pharmaceutical industry sectors.