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Photo: Christian Ove Carlsson

Oil and gas are fundamental energy resources for human existence and everyday life. But the time of easy oil discoveries are over

Meeting the challenges of today’s oil and gas industry call for deep insights, innovative discoveries and the highest level of international research expertise.

Center for Energy Resources Engineering (CERE) is Denmark’s leading research center in the areas of EOR, flow assurance, CCS and petroleum geoscience. With an excellent track record and international reputation CERE uniquely combines strong competences from several academic fields. Most of our many diverse research projects are conducted in collaboration with one or more members of the CERE Consortium – a group of 29 leading companies in the field.

CERE is an independent, university based, research unit with more than 30 years of expertise in the field. The CERE co-workers are a mix of internationally renowned scientists and the sharpest young talents from different scientific communities around the group. The research center unites experience with unique talent and educates tomorrow’s scientists and engineers. The education and training of MSc and doctoral students are some of the most important aspects of CERE’s activities. 

Georgios Kontogeorgis
DTU Chemical Engineering
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