Diana Carolina Figueroa Murcia. Photo: Christian Ove Carlsson

Internal Day with lots of culture

Thursday 09 Mar 17
How do we make the most out of working together in an academic multicultural environment? That was the overall theme of a workshop at CERE’s Internal Day on 24 February 2017.

The DNA of CERE is a very multicultural group of professors, post-docs, PhD students and administration, and we wanted to explore how we can exploit the strengths of being a multicultural team and optimize collaborations across cultures.

Another purpose was to increase understanding and strengthen communication internally between the research staff, and between the research staff and the technical and administrative personnel at CERE.

To help us with that, cultural training specialist Signe Ørum from ConnectingCultures facilitated a workshop which included cross-cultural differences in academic culture and service culture with highlights from countries which are well-represented at CERE, e.g., China, Spain, India and Russia.

Group DiscussionGroup Discussion


The workshop, which was very interactive, provided inspiring, informative and multicultural insights that will strengthen the daily cooperation and understanding in the multicultural work environment that CERE benefits from.

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