Georgios Kontogeorgis. Photo: Christian Ove Carlsson


Electrolytes have entered the scene

Modelling the behaviour of electrolytes in energy resources engineering has always been tricky. As seen by the highlights from the CERE Discussion Meeting 2019, members of the CERE industry Consortium appreciate the academic efforts to address the issue.

Electrolytes – substances which are ionised in an aqueous solution – appear in numerous locations during energy resources engineering; all the way from hydrocarbon reservoirs to drilling gear, pipelines, and downstream processing. Yet, due to the complexity involved, the modelling and simulation of processes involving electrolytes have so far been lacking behind other problems in energy resources engineering. In partnership with members of its industry Consortium, CERE is working to overcome this problem.

Several academic presentations at the CERE Discussion Meeting 2019 was on electrolytes.

“It was nice to see these presentations well received by the participating companies. This affirmed our decision to engage in projects on electrolytes,” says CERE chairman, professor Georgios Kontogeorgis.

The CERE Discussion Meeting is the annual event where members of the industry Consortium engage in discussions with the staff of the center. As usual, industry attendance was high - no less than 25 industry participants, representing corporations headquartered in 9 different countries. The three-day program included sessions on thermodynamics; CO2 capture and electrolytes; petroleum applications; CO2 storage and underground processes; The Synferon project (on fuel-from-biomass); and on joint projects with the Danish Hydrocarbon Research & Technology Center.

For the second consecutive year, the last day of the Discussion Meeting was co-organized with another unit at DTU Chemical Engineering. The KT Consortium is an industry-academia collaboration where members are provided networking opportunities and state-of-the-art methods and tools for chemical and biochemical engineering.

“Based on the input I have received from the industry representatives, the format with an overlapping day with content from both CERE and KT-Consortium is well received. Most likely we will continue the format in coming years,” says Georgios Kontogeorgis, also chair of KT-Consortium.

The CERE Discussion Meeting 2019 was held at Marienlyst Conference Center, Helsinore, June 11-13.