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New EUDP project to CERE

Thursday 13 Jan 22
DTU CERE at the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering has received EUDP funding for the project Green Carbon Capture and Hydrogen production (CCCH2).

The project will develop a new carbon capture technology based on electrochemical regeneration of the solvent combined with hydrogen production. The technology will be demonstrated together with project partners Estech (lead partner), PureteQ, VandCenter Syd and Dansk Gasteknisk Center A/S.


The project is funded to the tune of 33 mil DKK of which 4.7 mil DKK are allocated to CERE. Assoc. Prof. Philip Fosbøl and Senior Project Manager Sebastian Villadsen represent CERE in the project.


The project will run for three years and will (amongst others) support a postdoc and technical personnel 


The goal of the project is to demonstrate that the technology is scalable going from 10 kg CO2/h removal (pilot scale) to 100 kg CO2/h removal from the flue gas (demonstration scale), meeting two key objectives:

  • Scale up the technology to demonstration size, where process parameters and CAPEX/OPEX can be evaluated
  • Demonstrate the reliability and the robustness of the technology and make it ready for commercialization.


Once these objectives are met in this proposed project, the technology must be matured including scaling from 100 kg/h CO2 removal in this project to full-size plant


Estech has devised a process in which carbon is captured from flue gas using a solvent that is regenerated using (green) electricity in an electrochemical process and generates hydrogen that can be converted to other energy forms (Power-to-X), thereby delivering both carbon capture and Power-to-X solutions at the same time. The process is expected to be energy neutral and if the hydrogen is sold at current market values, the carbon capture will be free.


CO2 capture is a key research area for the DTU KT CERE and as a leading research center in

this area, being at the cutting edge of new CCS technologies and methods is essential

to the strategic development of the Centre. The responsibilities of DTU KT CERE


  • Research and development of suitable technology for CO2 purification
  • Using the demonstration plant for supporting tests

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