Publication list from 1980 - can be found here as pdf


CERE 1801 “On the isobaric-isothermal flash calculations”
Xiaodon Liang
(Submitted for publication)

CERE 1802 “Elasticity and electrical resistivity of chalk and greensand during water flooding with selective ions”
K. Katika, M.M. Alam, A. Alexeev, K.H. Chakravarty, P.L. Fosbøl, A. Revil, E. Stenby, I. Xiarchos, A. Yousefi, and I.L. Fabricius
(Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 161 (2018) 204-218)

CERE 1803 “An extensive study of the capabilities and limitations of the CPA and PC-SAFT equations of state in modeling a wide range of acetic acid properties”
Rafael T.C.S. Ribeiro, André L. Alberton, Márcio L.L. Paredes, Georgios M. Kontogeorgis, and Xiaodong Liang
(Submitted for publication)

CERE 1804 “Recent advances with association models for practical applications”
Ioannis Tsivintzelis, Martin Gamel Bjørner, and Georgios M. Kontogeorgis
(Submitted for publication)

CERE 1805 “Draft: Nonlinear wawe-body interaction using a mixed-eulerian-lagrangian spectral element model”
Carlos Monteserin Sanchez, Allan P. Ensig-Karup, and Claes Eskilsson
(Proceedings of the 37th International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Artic Engineering, OMEA 2018, June 17-22, 2018, Madrid, Spain)

CERE 1806 “Near-wellbore modeling of a horizontal well with Computational Fluid Dynamics”
Marton L. Szanyi, Casper S. Hemmingsen, Wei Yan, Jens H. Walther, and Stefan L. Glimberg
(Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 160 (2018) 119-128)

CERE 1807“Influence of adsorption and capillary pressure on phase equilibria inside shale reservoirs”
Diego R. Sandoval, Wei Yan, Michael L. Michelsen, and Erling H. Stenby
(Submitted for publication)

CERE 1808 “Extension of modified RAND to multiphase flash specifications based on state functions other than (T,P)”
Duncan Paterson, Michael L. Michelsen, Wei Yan, Erling H. Stenby
(Fluid Phase Equilibria, 458 (2018) 288-299)

CERE 1809 “RAND-based formulations for isothermal multiphase flash”
Duncan Paterson, Michael L. Michelsen, Erling H. Stenby, and Wei Yan
(SPE 182706 (2018))

CERE 1810 “Improvement of the PR-CPA equation of state for modelling of acid gases solubilities in aqueous alkanolamine solutions”
Tianyuan Wang, Elise El Ahmar, Christophe Coquelet, and Georgios M. Kontogeorgis
(Submitted for publication)


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