Advanced Course on Thermodynamic Models

Advanced Course on Thermodynamic Models

Advanced Course on Thermodynamic Models: Fundamentals & Computational Aspects

The course will provide the participants with a knowledge of the fundamentals of thermodynamics, an overview of the most important thermodynamic models currently used in industrial practice, and how efficient computer codes for such models are written and checked for errors.   In addition the course will emphasize the development of efficient procedures for
calculating of phase equilibrium under a variety of conditions.   The practical part of the course, where the participants have to develop their own codes, emphasizes in particular this aspect.   The course is of relevance for researchers engaged in developing and implementing thermodynamic models for process simulation or for those who want to learn how to develop and write an efficient and consistent computer code.


Mon 05 Aug 24 9:00 -
Fri 16 Aug 24 15:00



Department of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering, DTU, Lyngby, Denmark