New project - POWLESS

Monday 15 Jan 24


Sebastian Nis Bay Villadsen
Senior Project Manager
DTU Chemical Engineering
The POWLESS project objective is to demonstrate the utilization of high-efficiency turbo heat pumps (COP 10) for biogas upgrading.

Nature Energy participates as a project partner and will be hosting the first-of-a-kind installed high temperature turbo heat pump developed by Weel & Sandvig (W&S).

Potential customers will benefit significantly from this technology by reducing the energy load and any fossil emissions in the biogas production.

The aim is to show-case a first-of-a-kind high temperature heat pump for potential customers.

The overall goal is to install heat pump with a power consumption of 100 kW and a heat generation of 1 MW, resulting in a COP up to 10. The high COP value is possible due to the high-speed heat pump developed by (W&S).

This project builds on experience from several ongoing and related development projects. In this project we will combine two new technologies into a third technology, POWLESS:
1. High speed heat pump
2. Advanced amine scrubbing with heat integration

The combination of the two technologies can eventually lead to significant reduction of energy consumption, below 1 GJ/ton which is a significant reduction compared to the standard 3.7 GJ/ton.

The project has four major phases:
· Develop optimal solvent for high speed heat pump applications
· Construction of the high-speed heat pump system
· Demonstrate the implementation of a high speed heat pump system in biogas upgrading
· Optimal operation and deep data analysis of the demonstration plant

The proposed solution shows extraordinary potential, but is heavily dependent on industrial demonstration as the industry in large are reluctant to be first movers

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