Virtual Reality Room


The Virtual Reality room at CERE is equipped with stereo 3D solution provided by Cyviz. In combination with 3D visualization software such as Petrel and Avizao, it can be used for high definition 3D virtual reality realizations in various situations, ranging from experimental to simulation, from microscopic scale to macroscopic scale, from subsurface to outer space, and from static processes to dynamic processes.

The typical applications of the VR facility include visualization of seismic results, reservoir simulations, CFD simulations, CT scanning of core flooding, rock core analysis, and molecular simulations.

The room can hold 22 people and is suitable for presentations for educational or research purposes. The room can also be used for technical meetings which has a demand for 3D visualizations.



Christian Ove Carlsson
System Administrator
DTU Chemical Engineering
+45 45 25 29 18


Wei Yan
Senior Researcher
DTU Chemistry