Water Bridging Programme (WBP)

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Floating Water Bridge. Photo: Christian Ove Carlsson

Water Bridging Programme

The picture shows the so-called floating water bridge. This term indicates the “stiff” water structure adopted by water when high voltage (ca. 15,000 V DC) is passed across two beakers containing distilled water. Water appears to form a bridge between the two beakers and conducts current. The phenomenon is well-known and we have replicated the experiment at DTU Kemiteknik (first time April 11, 2017), but the explanation is far from clear, as can be read here.




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Motivation for the Water Bridging Programme

Like the water bridging phenomenon, there is much unknown about water science and technology.


On one hand, the water hydrogen bonding network and overall its structure are largely unknown (up to the extent that recently it has been claimed that water consists of two liquids not one !: (1) and at the same time the relationship between water’s structure and its many anomalous properties is very unclear.


Many thermo physical and other properties of water present anomalies, e.g. the maximum in water density, see below, not found for any other liquid. Water is by far the most important and most mysterious liquid in the planet and this is now widely accepted.



(1) https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2017/06/27/water-is-even-weirder-than-we-knew-supercool-study-shows/

On the other hand, and while the scientific challenges are significant, diverse theories have been proposed for explaining the above (structure, properties and their link) and many technological developments also claim to make use of water special properties, e.g. when it is present under various electromagnetic fields or in other environments.


As with water’s properties and structure, such technological developments lack full scientific explanations and this hinders significantly their acceptance by the scientific community and the society.




Michael Bache
Senior Researcher
DTU Chemical Engineering
Georgios Kontogeorgis
DTU Chemical Engineering
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The mission of the Water Bridging Programme is to bring together academics, engineers and entrepreneurs with interest in water properties and finding the links between water structure – properties and applications.

We invite all those who are both open-minded and interested to participate in a joint effort for scientifically and technologically addressing the issues mentioned above and for a wide range of applications (chemistry & chemical engineering, material science, biology and biotechnology).

We invite all those interested to help us identifying suitable projects as well as participate in broader researcher endevours in this area.

Industrial partners will be invited to participate into a structured industrial consortium which will, in addition to the above, offer networking opportunities and several other benefits.
New research projects will supplement on-going and recently completed projects mentioned in other places in this web-site.