The program for computation of the formation damage

The software SNY evaluates formation damage under waterflooding of a petroleum reservoir. The damage happens if the injection water contains particles that can penetrate and plug the porous rock.

The software was developed in 2011, by Hao Yuan and Alexander Shapiro, under support by DONG AS (the PPAPP project). The project utilizes original results of H. Yuan and A. Shapiro, as well as some published results of the group of Professor P. Bedrikovetsky (Univ. of Adelaide), with whom the authors collaborated.

The software implements the computations in a simple user graphical interface. It does not need installation (just unpack and execute). A user guide is attached as a pdf file.

The features of the software are as follows.

  1. Either radial or linear injection may be considered (the first should be selected to simulate a well, the second is more important for the laboratory experiments).
  2. The three stages of formation damage are considered: deep bed filtration, external cake formation, and the cake erosion.
  3. The injected particle suspension may either be mono- or polydisperse. For the last case, several common particle size distributions are implemented
  4. The effect of the two-phase flow (water plus oil) may be considered. Multiple parameters of fluid and porous medium may be specified.
  5. The user may control the simulations: the number of discretization steps, or the number of the representative particle sizes in the distribution.
The output is provided as characteristic numbers and scalable figures. 


Alexander Shapiro
Associate Professor
DTU Chemical Engineering
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