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CERE has developed an extensive number of software tools for various applications. The software is under continuous development and improvement. However, tools (approiximately half of those shown here) which have already been sufficiently tested are available for all members of CERE industrial consortium, please see CEREmembers site.

Some additional tools are available as part of specific agreements, projects, etc.

As a general rule, software tools are only available to the members of the CERE industrial consortium.

SPECS, however, can be made available for a small fee to academic institutions.

For additional information, you may contact CERE chairman or any of the contact persons in the specific software tools.


Edgar Luis Camacho Vergara
PhD student
DTU Chemical Engineering
+4550 17 85 59


Georgios Kontogeorgis
DTU Chemical Engineering
+4545 25 28 59