Biogas electro-scrubbing goes full-scale: Sulphur and other impurities in biogas reduce the commercial value of the gas, and may also hamper upgrading into higher-value chemicals. 

Electro-scrubbing, a technology developed by CERE and partners, promises to be better than current state-of-the-art methods for removal of impurities from biogas.

Funded by a grant from the EUDP technology program of the Danish Energy Board, CERE and industry partners Elplatek, Union Engineering and DGC aim to develop a first-of-a-kind full-scale demonstration plant based on electro-scrubbing. The project is named BE-Clean.

The technology has been developed in a recent project, MeGa-StoRE, which was mainly focussed on conversion of biogas into methane. As the importance of biogas purification became apparent in that project, the interest in investigating electro-scrubbing arose. While the technology has been developed for desulfurization by the partners, removal of several other types of impurities will also be looked at in the new project.

Project duration is three years.

Main supervisor: Philip Fosbøl


Sebastian Nis Bay Villadsen
Senior Project Manager
DTU Chemical Engineering


Philip Loldrup Fosbøl
Associate Professor
DTU Chemical Engineering
+45 45 25 28 68