Slim Tube Experiment

To understand the minimum pressure at which reservoir fluid is miscible with the injected gas.

A Minimum Miscibility Pressure (MMP) is the lowest pressure at which the reservoir fluid and injection gas exhibits miscibility via first or multi contact miscibility.


MMP is a key parameter for screening and selecting injection gas for a particular reservoir as part of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Projects and provides better insights on efficient oil displacements.


Two main lab experiments are being employed by the oil industry to determine MMP and they are Rising Bubble Apparatus & Slim Tube experiment. In this project our primary focus shall be on developing a Slim Tube experiment from the scratch and determine the miscibility of reservoir fluid with different injection gases at various pressure and temperature.


The obtained results from the Slim Tube experiment shall then be used to fine tune an existing Equation of State (EOS) containing PVT and Swelling experimental data.


Main supervisor:

Wei Yan


Prinu Narayanan
Business consultant
DTU Nanolab


Wei Yan
Associate Professor
DTU Chemistry
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