The goal of the Waste-2-H2 project is to utilize the hydrogen produced by a new gas cleaning technology

The Waste-to-H2 project will develop the production of H2 from an emerging PtX gas cleaning technology.


In Waste-to-H2, DTU Chemical Engineering will investigate the potential for H2 production from a PtX gas cleaning technology. The study will take place using existing equipment both in the laboratories at DTU and through pilot plant testing at a biogas plant.


The target audience for this project primarily includes biogas plants in Denmark that are interested in developing and improving their gas cleaning operations using novel innovative technologies, as well as other PtX facilities seeking to explore similar opportunities.


The primary activities include quantifying H2 production, identifying potential applications based on H2 quality, and optimizing H2 production.


The results from the Waste-to-H2 project will directly support the development of the gas cleaning technology. Specifically, it is expected that the technology will benefit from a potential sale of H2.


The project had a single partner: the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark.







Sebastian Nis Bay Villadsen
Senior Project Manager
DTU Chemical Engineering


Philip Loldrup Fosbøl
Associate Professor
DTU Chemical Engineering
+45 45 25 28 68