Combined Carbon Capture and Green Hydrogen Production

This project develops a new carbon capture process that uses electrochemical regeneration of the solvent. The process produces CO2 and H2, ideal for PtX utilization.

An electrolytic process, from a successful pilot scale to demonstration scale, demonstrating that the technology is scalable going from 10 kg CO2/h removal (pilot scale) to 100 kg CO2/h removal from flue gas (demonstration scale), and simultaneously production of hydrogen suitable for downstream E-fuel production.

The Estech technology is a combined Carbon Capture and Hydrogen production system, which in one process both removes CO2 and produces hydrogen, which significantly reduces the cost of CO2 reduction from exhaust gases. The Estech technology only requires electric power and can be applied also on smaller emitters of CO2. The innovation has the potential to be a game-changing disruption in carbon capture systems, as well as a create a World-leading Danish industry over the next decades.

Scale up the technology to demonstration size, where process parameters cost per tonnes CO2 removed and CAPEX/OPEX can be evaluated.

To bring the technology to a development stage which can demonstrate the reliability and the robustness of the technology and make it ready for commercialization. It is expected that scaling from 100 kg/h CO2 removal (demonstration plant) to a full plant (above 1 t/h CO2 removal) is realistically achievable when the demonstration plant project has been finalized.

Development of heat integration and harvesting of excess heat production for utilization of the heat for external heating processes like district heating or similar.

Production of 100 kg CO2/h and simultaneously production of hydrogen suitable for downstream Efuel production.


The main role of DTU CERE will be to model processes in the system.

Project manager: Sebastian Nis Bay Villadsen


Tessa Lund Biel-Nielsen
DTU Chemical Engineering


Sebastian Nis Bay Villadsen
Senior Project Manager
DTU Chemical Engineering