Ionic liquids and their applcations

Ionic liquid (IL) database and property models update
IL-based tools development (collaborate with Guoliang)
IL-based aqueous biphasic system (ABS) study and design

Properties of ILs are required for the design of products and processes involving ILs.

Although innumerable ILs may be generated through the combination of a variety of cations, anions and substituents, only a small part of them have been reported to exist (have been synthesized).

The available experimental data are generally limited and sometimes even contradictory. A detailed knowledge about the properties of ILs is critically important, especially for ILs not yet available.

Based on collected experimental data from numerous literature sources, a series of group contribution (GC)-based models have been developed for estimating various properties.

On the other hand, prediction of thermodynamic behavior is essential for the early design stage of separation processes including solvent selection, process optimization and its performance evaluation. A UINIFAC-IL-Gas model has been developed for such a purpose.

The developed database and property models can be used easily in IL-based tools. In addition, IL-based ABS has many advantages in bio-separations, but its optimal design is very difficult due to the limited property knowledge.

A systematic study of these systems is of great importance for the applications of ABS involving ILs.

Main supervisor:
Georgios M. Kontogeorgis

Co- supervisor:
Xiaodong Liang


Georgios Kontogeorgis
DTU Chemical Engineering
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Xiaodong Liang
Associate Professor
DTU Chemical Engineering
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