PostDoc -- Software Manager

The main task of this project is to bring the outcomes of research projects to their application by implementing them into existing or new software. Part of the task is also to focus on the modeling of asphaltene precipitation.

The Chemical and Biochemical Engineering department has developed a number of software solutions like ThermoSystem, Asphaltene, GERG and ICAS.

This project will focus on the improvement of these software solutions. Recently, we have been implementing the calculation of Amino Acid compounds’ properties in ProPred, which is one of the tools in ICAS.

We are also going to focus on oil characterization by the group contribution method using ICAS with the aim of studying the modeling of wax and asphaltene precipitation.


Edgar Luis Camacho Vergara
PhD student
DTU Chemical Engineering
+4550 17 85 59


Georgios Kontogeorgis
DTU Chemical Engineering
+4545 25 28 59