Hydrate-MOF Synergy for Improved Performance in Gas Capture and Storage

CO2 capture and storage and H2 storage for cleaner environment. Improved hydrate technology should help capture and store both CO2 and H2 for a sustainable environment

The project is based on the hypothesis that the critical properties of the metal organic framework (MOFs), such as the large surface area and high gas selectivity, would lead to a significant improvement in hydrate technology.


Project has received funding under International postdoc fellowship grant. During the project, CERE Postdoctoral Researcher Jyoti Shanker Pandey, together with researchers from the Colorado School of Mines (Professor Carolyn Koh, a world expert in the field) and DTU, will carry out fundamental research on the application of MOFs in improving hydrate technology.


Main supervisor:  

Jyoti Shanker Pandey (PI)


Project Participants

Prof Carolyn Koh, Colorado School of Mines

Nicolas von Solms, DTU KT

Martin Andersson, DTU KT

Kasper Steen Pedersen, DTU KT

Andreas Kaiser, DTU Energy


Jyoti Shanker Pandey
Tenure Track researcher
DTU Chemical Engineering


Nicolas von Solms
DTU Chemical Engineering
+45 45 25 28 67