CO2-brine properties for geological CO2 storage

Developing thermodynamic models to describe the properties of CO2 + brine mixtures.


CO2 storage is recognised as a technical solution to reduce CO2 emissions and meet the ambitious climate goals proposed by different countries. During the design and implementation of geological CO2 storage, it is crucial to understand the CO2 + brine system through knowledge of the phase equilibrium, densities, and viscosities of the mixtures at the temperature-, pressure-, and brine salinity ranges of interest to sequestration. Further to this it is also important to describe these properties accurately through thermodynamic models.


The specific tasks in this project include conducting an in-depth literature survey of CO2 + brine properties relevant to CO2 storage, in particular, the phase equilibrium, density, and viscosity. Once the database is built, thermodynamic modelling of these properties will be conducted. We will consider different equations of state models and semi-empirical methods for these properties. Finally, we will recommend how to model these properties by comparing various modeling methods.



Main supervisor: Wei Yan


Co- supervisor: Erling Stenby


Sonja Smith
DTU Chemistry


Wei Yan
Associate Professor
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Erling Halfdan Stenby
Head of Department, Professor
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