The Potential and Demonstration Feasibility of Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage

The project will address capturing CO2 from biomass co-fired power plants and storage of biogenic CO2 in depleted oil reservoirs.

This PhD project is dedicated to the modeling and simulation of the storage of biogenic CO2 in depleted oil reservoirs.

A major focus is to evaluate the impact of impurities on CO2 storage in a depleted oil reservoir with high water saturation.

The composition variation caused by biomass co-firing and the characteristic impurities will be considered.

The interaction with the remaining oil needs to be considered through thermodynamic modeling and flow simulations to analyze the interplay between multiphase equilibrium and multiphase flow.

The geochemical reactions will be analyzed for salt precipitation due to evaporation or mineralization reactions. The influence of impurities on storage capacity, injectivity, CO2 plume development, and storage mechanisms will be analyzed.

As a work package in DemoBECCS, we will collaborate with the Chinese partners who are working in a corresponding work package on CO2 storage in a Chinese site.

In particular, the Chinese partners will conduct flooding experiments and it will be investigated whether their results can be integrated into the modeling and simulation study.

Main supervisor:

Wei Yan


Co- supervisor:

Erling Stenby


Matin Bagheri
PhD Student
DTU Chemistry


Wei Yan
Associate Professor
DTU Chemistry
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Erling Halfdan Stenby
Head of Department, Professor
DTU Chemistry
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