Cost Reductions in Carbon Capture through System and Technology Optimization

Exploring technical solutions and integration synergies to reduce the costs of capturing CO2 to rapidly decarbonize industrial and energy sectors.

Carbon capture systems are often mentioned when discussing means of combatting anthropogenic climate change by capturing CO2 from point emission sources and either utilizing it to produce green fuels or sequestering it safely in geological formations. The high cost of purchasing and operating CO2 capture systems has been the primary reason for why CO2 capture still is at a low level of implementation in the world. A more wide-spread application of CO2 capture will depend on the future cost of the solution. This in turn is closely associated with the scale of capture, transport and storage solutions. This PhD project will investigate the potential for reducing the overall costs of CO2 capture from flue gas streams from industrial and energy generation facilities. There are several ways that this penalty can be reduced significantly. These are described in the following:


The PhD project is expected to develop roadmaps for how CO2 capture systems may be optimally integrated in CO2 emitting facilities. This is projected to improve the overall economy of integrating CO2 capture systems leading to a much more widespread implementation of CO2 capture. This can be a “silver bullet” in combatting anthropogenic climate change by rapidly decarbonizing entire industrial sectors and hopefully enabling us to achieve the targets of the Paris agreement.


Main supervisor:

Philip Loldrup Fosbøl


Co- supervisor:

Christian Riber (Rambøll)

Brian Elmegaard (DTU MEK)


Ebbe Hauge Jensen
PhD student
DTU Chemical Engineering


Philip Loldrup Øbro Fosbøl
Associate Professor
DTU Chemical Engineering
+45 45 25 28 68