Simulation and Optimization

The Simulation and Optimization initiative focuses on both basic research and advanced engineering application, such as EOR, Biofuel, CCS, and Chemical production/conversion.

A viable business case in any resource creation can involve many different objectives. This include value creation through increased energy production, minimized energy/cost, the production of chemicals, and the separation of streams. The physical process is often dynamic and requires a certain amount of steering and control to reach a given specified target.

CERE specializes in the following research fields:

Process simulation: CERE is involved in two aspects of simulation:

1. Simulation and design of existing and new processes. This includes CO2 activities in relation to energy reduction and creation of biofuels using minimal resources. CERE has extensive knowledge of thermodynamics, and our work often involves the application of new aspects of cutting-edge thermodynamic research.

2. Simulation engine development involves new and improved unit operations for process simulation. Eg. CAPCO2 of crystallizer operations for better process integration.  Please contact Philip Fosbøl,

Reservoir simulation:  

With the overall aim of enabling better decisions, we seek to improve reservoir production management practices in connection with subsurface production systems. Such systems are subject to many uncertainties in the data that characterize the reservoirs and impact production scenarios. Through basic research in algorithms, we seek to improve the possibility of conducting advanced reservoir studies for enhanced oil production scenarios. Our research focuses on aspects of uncertainty quantification, improved well modelling, multi-phase and multi-scale simulations, upscaling techniques, thermodynamics, high-performance computing for efficient reservoir simulation and large-scale simulation techniques for super computers.


We develop algorithms that enable improvement in optimization scenarios. Our research focuses on all aspects of production optimization driven by optimization approaches that target improvements in net present value for different strategies, impact of uncertainties in the geostatistical properties of reservoir on production, algorithms and methods that are designed improve the speed and scale of optimization approaches, e.g. via surrogate models, high-performance computing, etc.


Our work on Simulation & Optimization has synergies with the strategic initiatives on Thermodynamics and Complex Fluids, EOR, CCS, Flow assurance, and Geoscience.


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