Rock physics of Lower Cretaceous marly chalk

Marly chalk constitutes a special rock physical problem due to mixed mineralogy and due to large uncertainty with respect to fluid saturation and pore water chemistry. 

The sedimentary rock constitutes a reservoir for hydrocarbons in the Lower Cretaceous formations in the North Sea. The questions is how to connect seismic data and rock mechanical data with information from borehole logging data.


The focus of the project is interpretation of petrophyscal logs and core data with the aim of modelling the elasticity of the sedimentary rock. The elasticity will be expressed as shear modulus and bulk modulus, and the question raised is how these properties will respond to 1: changes in fluid saturation, 2: changes in stress and possible pore collapse or fracturing.


The project is part of the collaborative Locreta Project sponsored via DHRTC.


The work is closely coordinated with the petrophyscial work of Einar Storebø and Ermis Proestakis, the rock mechanical work done by Tobias Orlander, as well as compaction modelling by Ivanka Bekkevold. Associated technical staff is Ditte Valentin, John Troelsen and Morten Hjuler.


The work is also coordinated with image analysis at DTU Physics, rock mechanics at GEO, stratigraphy and sedimentology at GEUS, as well as seismic interpretation in Copenhagen University and Aarhus University.


Ida Lykke Fabricius
Professor Emerita
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