A new aqueous ammonia process for CO2 capture with a potential to reduce the energy requirements of the process. The process in proposed by SilicaTech. Aspen Plus is used for the process simulation and optimization. The simulation work is done at CERE – DTU in close collaboration with Bilfinger A/S and SilicaTech.

The Extended UNIQUAC thermodynamic user model developed at DTU is implemented in Aspen Plus for vapor-liquid-solid equilibrium calculations and thermal properties estimation. The project consists of two stages. First stage covered the detailed investigations of the absorber (period Sep. to Dec. 2013). In the second stage, process simulation is planned for different unit operations of the process e.g., saturation reactor, crystallizer, filter, and thermal reactor, in order to minimize the energy consumption of the process

Head of project: Ass. Prof. Philip L.Fosbøl,