Mapping of Nordic archaeology and subsurface contaminants in areas difficult to access by drone-borne geophysics

In the ArchaeoDrone project, we intend to develop and demonstrate a drone-platform for geophysical mapping of archaeology and subsurface contaminants in areas difficult to access, such as coastal areas, swamps and lakes.

The project is a collaboration with national museum of Denmark but is highly relevant to any major construction company, since the end-product – the ArchaeoDrone – will be capable of scanning any subsurface for archaeology and contaminants prior to a construction starts.

In this way, major delays can be avoided in a construction process.

The geophysical sensor technology of the setup will focus on electromagnetic induction (EMI) and magnetic sensors.

The sensors will be integrated with high precision positioning systems in a zero-noise level enviroments to ensure data of highest possible quality.

Advanced software will be developed as part of the project to analyze the data, such as joint inversion of the collected EMI and magnetic data.


Main supervisor: Arne Døssing

Co- supervisor: Mads Dengsøe Jessen


Arne Døssing Andreasen
Senior Researcher
DTU Space
+45 45 25 97 73