Thermodynamics, Design, Simulation and Benchmarking of Biofuel Processes

The PhD project will focus on the study and benchmarking of three commercial scale syngas fermentation technologies, individually developed by INEOS Bio, Coskata and LanzaTech and their comparison with the developing SYNFERON process.

The PhD project is part of a larger research project; SYNFERON, which focuses on advancing the existing knowledge and state-of-the-art for the syngas fermentation and downstream processing of liquids products.

The study will mainly be conducted with software for process simulation; Aspen Plus®, and other in-house programs available at DTU.

In a second phase data and models obtained from the other team members will be implemented in a global simulation of the SYNFERON process; and different possible layouts will be tested. Design optimization and energy integration (e.g. pinch analysis) will be performed in order to determining the highest possible efficiency.


Philip Loldrup Fosbøl
Associate Professor
DTU Chemical Engineering
+45 45 25 28 68


Georgios Kontogeorgis
DTU Chemical Engineering
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