Computational Geoscience - HeHo

The goal of the PhD project is to develop new mathematical and numerical methods to analyze geophysical data and well production data with the aim of investigating flow, heat transport and heat conduction in geothermal reservoirs and make a new mathematical model of the reservoir.

Structure and properties of geothermal reservoirs can be investigated by means of two different methods:

The first method is seismic inversion, where seismic waves generated by near-surface explosions or in boreholes, and reflected from geological structure in the reservoir, are analyzed. From these data, structure and mechanical/elastic properties of the reservoir can be calculated.

The second method is to combine all the geological and geophysical data to create models with the help of mathematical modeling ( algorithms, optimization, numerical calculations). From these models we can calculate all the properties of rocks which we are interested in.

Supervisor: Prof. Ida Lykke Fabricius:

Co-supervisor: Prof. Klaus Mosegaard,