The Thermodynamics and Transport Properties of Ionic Liquids Based Compounds

The aim of this study is to understand the effect of ionic liquids on lithium batteries with the goal of finding functional electrolytes which can enhance the cyclic performance of these batteries. New types of ionic liquids for use as electrolyte additives will be synthesized for lithium batteries. The thermodynamic and electrochemical properties of ionic liquids-based electrolytes will be investigated

Ionic liquids, due to their nonflammability, nonvolatility, stability and large electrochemical windows, have been attracting recent attention for use in lithium batteries.

Functional ionic liquids can be designed with different alternative functional groups to improve the physical chemical performances of electrolytes and the electrochemical properties of lithium batteries.

In this project, ionic liquids, based on the double bond and alkaline amide groups that can facilitate film-forming in the charging process and decrease the amount of water in the electrolyte solution, will be synthesized, and their purity, density, viscosity, conductivity, melting point, and electrochemical window will be evaluated.

The thermodynamic and transport properties of electrolytes including ionic liquids, carbonate solvents, and lithium salts will studied. Subsequently the application of ionic liquids based electrolytes will be explored for use in lithium batteries.

The compatibility between electrolyte and electrodes, and the mechanism of SEI film, which all will affect the cyclic life of lithium batteries, will be investigated.  A specific objective is to formulate ionic liquid based solutions with thermal and electrochemical stability, which will favor their utilization in the field of energy storage and conversion.


Kaj Thomsen
DTU Chemical Engineering


Nicolas von Solms
DTU Chemical Engineering
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