Petrophysical Modelling of Fluid Permeability in Tight Sedimentary Rocks

This project aims to upgrade and develop permeability models at tight sedimentary rocks characterized by a complex lithology.

Intervals of tight, yet porous sedimentary rocks are found in the Danish North Sea.


Those intervals may comprise a complex lithology, as in the case of marly chalks and diatomites.


In the latter case, mineralogical changes can occur in the course of diagenesis associating with rock dewatering, stiffening, and fracturing. Under this scenario, matrix permeabilities may rise dramatically, potentially threatening the stability of closed wells.


To minimize concern, mapping those interval zones and identifying the risks of potential flow together with its flow rates is crucial.


In order to understand the risks behind a potential flow, determination of matrix permeability is necessary.


This project incorporates the development of a matrix permeability model for the tight sedimentary rock zones in the Cenozoic interval.


The study integrates interpretation of existing well logs combined with analysis from advanced experiments on small-size cuttings designed to overcome varying mineralogical distribution challenges.



Main supervisor:
Ida Lykke Fabricius


Co- supervisor:
Tobias Orlander
Leonardo Teixeira Pinto Meireles


The project is sponsored by the Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Center (DHRTC).


Ermis Proestakis
PhD student
DTU Sustain
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Ida Lykke Fabricius
Professor Emerita
DTU Sustain
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