Kinetics of scaling formation

Scaling is defined as the deposition of mineral solids on surfaces in contact with water and is a problem seen across multiple industries for example in geothermal wells to oil, gas production and CSS technologies. Maintenance of such equipment is costly, both for the economy as the production comes to a halt and the environment as chemicals are used as scale treatment. Therefore it is important to understand and develop a reliable scaling prediction model, that accurately can estimate the build-up over time.

The aim of this project is to develop a method to investigate kinetics of scale formation. As a model system FeCO3 will be used as it also poses particularly interesting since it is poses protective properties against corrosion.  To investigate the parameter-space of this model system a new method for characterisation of in situ surface adsorption is being developed. This in combination with analysis of the bulk liquid will enable an estimation of the scaling kinetics.



  The purpose of the study is:


·      To develop an experimental basis which allows for the determination of scale formation kinetics closer to reality than what is currently available. The developed method must therefore be able to mimic and vary in operando conditions of pipes such as flow velocity, brine chemistry, temperature and pH.

·       To widen the knowledgebase of FeCO3 scale surface deposition under varying flow conditions



  Through the developed method, new insights should be gained, shedding light on the novel interplay of parameters influencing the deposition of scale. Furthermore, this study poses the opportunity for developing an until now unseen way of characterizing surface growth for scales.



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